About us – Madame Mangouste
Madame Mangouste is a 100 % natural mangosteen juice with the finest quality of collagen peptide produced by Wangsukjai Export Co.,Ltd. Our company is specialized in cultivating this tropical mangosteen fruits. With years of experiment and for more than three generations, “Mr. Pradit Akkavutwanich” or our grandfather has passed down the knowledge as well as the know-hows of cultivating this tropical fruits on “Wangsukjai” mangosteen orchard. We have developed our orchard’s core recipe for growing the quality mangosteen that our region is best known for.

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The fresh mangosteen “Madame Mangouste ”’s juice is harvested directly from our renowned “Wangsukjai” orchard, and we guarantee this expertise for more than 20 years. With this knowledge,the freshness and elegance of every “Wangsukjai” mangosteen are manufactured within every bottle of the juice we made. This amazing juice is waiting you to delightfully enjoy the savory taste of Thailand’s “Queen of Fruits”

We believe there are no shortcuts to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle in the long term. What sets us apart is our innovative approach to a healthy eating. Madame Mangouste recipes are unique and offer a wide range of health benefits. With this 5 distinctive facts, it makes us so unique which reflect our core value and who we really are.

In a bottle it contains,

  • Xanthones extract; it is found in the inner rind of mangosteen. With its exceptional properties of antioxidants, it makes this bottle so special as it is very effective to prevent skin aging
  • Whole mangosteen; all natural ingredients 100% from nature. Fiber from mangosteen help to balance the body throughout the day, as well as the immune system
  • No sugar or other additive added; it contains low calorie, and help to reduce the stress.
  • Vitamin C ; Mangosteen contain the excellent source of Vitamin C. it helps to increase the immune system function
  • Collagen; Inhibits the enzymes that produce skin pigment. Keep the skin structure to a healthy glow.