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Madame Mangouste

A 100 % natural mangosteen juice with the amino collagen peptide. It contains Xanthones extract which has the richest source of antioxidants. A daily intake of the juice helps to enhance your skin for an elegant image of young and healthy lady of all ages


Fresh Mangosteen

Wangsukjai’s distinctive taste of fresh mangosteen are the outcomes from decades of hard work and dedication of our grandfather to his beloved orchard. Most of the mangosteen are hand-picked to ensure that the finest quality of fruits are being passed down to every customer nationwide.


Mangosteen Rind (Dried)

“More product details coming soon”


A handmade miniature Madame Mangouste mini basket set is perfect for any special occasions. The great thing about our mini basket set is they create an instant gift basket with the uniqueness of style. They are ideal for busy new mums, loved ones in hospital or friends that just aren’t that good at flower.


Why not send a healthful mangosteen juice basket to show your appreciation? Say thank you with a great value long lasting Madame Mangouste medium basket. These gift sets are also perfect for congratulate them such as a new opening. Let’s mark the occasion with our specially made handcraft basket.


Evoke those precious memories and celebrate a special ceremony with a stunning Madame Mangouste jumbo basket. We have a selection of gorgeous beautiful bouquet and other special add-ons for your loved ones. Make someone smile, or surprise friends or family with our jumbo basket to delight and celebrate someone special’s day.


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